The Powder Problem Solved

Friday, 9 January 2015

When I was first learning all about makeup from my mum, she took me to a department store and got me a mascara, a liquid foundation, and a powder foundation, saying that that was all a young girl really needs; that a flawless complexion can work wonders.  I have to say I agree.  

As an awkward, disproportionate little teenager, there was nothing I wanted more than to cover up all the spots on my face.  The foundation really did the trick, boosting my confidence ten fold.  I was wearing makeup, which in an of itself made me feel a bit more special, but what's more was that I didn't look like a thirteen-year old who had caked it on.  I just looked like a spotless version of me.  And I liked it.  

So to this day I believe that mascara and foundation are essential tools in the belt; HOWEVER, I have struggled for ages to find a powder foundation that actually does anything.  My issue is that if I just feel like putting powder on without the liquid, it doesn't provide enough coverage to actually cover anything, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing foundation in the first place.  So I end up wearing liquid most of the time and I would rather have another viable option.  Ya feel me?

**Enter the two lifesavers**

Lifesaver #1: Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder

This little beauty - the round one on the right - was first given to me as a sample at Sephora and I am loving it!  What I love is the packaging, how it lets you take just as much as you need without spraying powder everywhere.  Another bonus is that you can buy the regular size compact or the travel size!  HALO powder gives great coverage and comes in 8 skin tones.  It gives your skin a nice natural glow while doing its job of hiding your spots and evening out your complexion.

Check it out at Sephora here.

Lifesaver #2: Benefit Hello Flawless Powder

This one is a recent discovery of mine - I got it for Christmas - and I must admit I love it more than the Smashbox one.  Even though Benefit's Hello Flawless is my personal favourite, I wanted to show you both because you'll all probably see different results from each depending on your skin.  
Anyway, this Benefit powder is slightly different from the Smashbox equivalent because it's pressed powder as opposed to loose powder.  I don't mind pressed powder besides the obvious downfall of this Benefit one that sends a lot of powder flying all over the place when you put your brush in the compact.  That being said, the product is worth the small mess; just learn to dab your brush lightly.
Hello Flawless, honest to goodness, is the best coverage in a powder foundation I have ever witnessed.  Seriously guys.  No liquid foundation necessary whatsoever on this one.  I dare you to go into a cosmetics shop and try out the tester.  Additional plusses: SPF 15, 9 different shades, and the compact comes with a cute little brush! 

Check it out at Sephora here.

That's it.  Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear about your foundation faves too!

Love you and live good.

xo B

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