Q&A January 2nd

Friday, 2 January 2015

New year, new me, as the saying goes!

For Christmas this year, one of my best friends gave me a five-year Q&A journal (link below), which everyday for the next five years, requires that I answer a simple question.  Today's question, though seemingly straightforward, left me thinking for a while.

Can people change?

My initial response was definitely yes, especially considering what I wrote yesterday about experiences changing you.  But then, while laying in bed with my journal this morning, I discovered a new perspective.  Perhaps people don't entirely change from one thing to another; there are too many characteristics ingrained in each of our individual existences that identify us as who we are.  It makes more sense to me rather, that with experience, people learn more about themselves and gradually redefine their identities as a result.  The older experiences remain equally as significant to each person as the most recent ones because over time, all of them have contributed to that particular person's development in some way or another.  So I suppose people do change, gradually.  It's not like an apple has ever rolled out of bed one morning and declared, "I want to be an orange."  POOF!

Sorry for the deep thoughts - something to munch on with your morning coffee!

Love you and live good.

xo B

{click here for link to Q&A a Day journal}

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