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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Guys.  I read the book.  In one day.

As much as I want to believe that it was a major feat, it wasn't.  The secret to being a fast reader?  Pictures, pictures, pictures!  

So anywho, back to the book.  
I bought the paperback version because that is all I could find at my local bookstore but the hardcover is much much nicer looking, as you can see.  Either way, It is definitely a coffee table book/discussion starter piece to have laying around.  I am very glad I read it since I love style and Alexa Chung; however, if you're not into either of those things, or the colour pink, save your 20 bucks for a trip to Starbucks.


At first, I thought I had accidentally skipped a page - you know how they stick together sometimes and you find yourself reading something that doesn't make sense? - but I quickly realized that this book is basically Alexa's stream of thought conveyed via numerous emails to her publicist.  Which, don't get me wrong, is cool.  She is still cool.  Actually, even cooler than how I saw her before reading her book because I could just imagine her voice embedded into each sentence.  The sarcasm practically dripped off the page, or so I imagined.  Who knows, maybe I interpreted it totally wrong since, well, I've never actually talked to Alexa.  

Besides the style icons and tips and random thoughts packed in between two cotton candy-coloured covers, I have to point out that I really admired Alexa's notes on music.  To be honest, I've never heard of any of the bands she mentions, but her words inspired me to hop on Spotify and surf around for everything and anything that is anti-mainstream.  Believe it or not, after several hours of ultimate procrastination, I had created a playlist of music that I actually like listening to, rather than Top 40 hits that I know all the lyrics to only because I hear them at least three times on the radio each time I get in the car.  

So yeah - check It out, or don't check It out.  Doesn't matter to me.  Especially if your coffee table or night stand is looking a little sparse on the home decor front...unless you hate pink.  

Love you and live good.

xo B

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