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Saturday, 3 January 2015

How life turns upside down when your best friend moves across the Atlantic...

As a bit of a back story, I should mention that my bestest soul mate gal pal, Firoza, is a freaking brainwave who has left the great white north for the chic high streets of London and beyond.  To study law and boys and shopping and clubs.  But she swears that studying comes first!  So as much as I love living vicariously through her via Skype and iMessage, the moderately significant body of water which some of you may know as the Atlantic is a serious issue.

Examples of why the ocean is annoying are as follows:

1. You wake up in the morning to a kagillion messages from your best friend who has gotten herself lost in the city in the middle of the night

2. Skyping or calling often occurs at the most inconvenient time for at least one of you

3. Mail can take up to a month to arrive, at which point everything you ranted and raved about in your letter is pretty much irrelevant

4. English on that side of the ocean is not the same as English on this side of the ocean so when you finally get to speak you have no idea what she's saying

5. As much as you try to update each other on a regular basis, you keep finding that she's talking about people you've never heard of and secretly you get a bit jealous

Even though I can't stand only seeing my best friend every few months, we still have the greatest bond and I know we will be friends until the end of time.

Oops, I better run, London's calling!

Love you and live good.

xo B

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