Love Makes for a Good Drama

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What woman doesn’t want to be Carrie Bradshaw? Right?  The shoes, the men, the apartment, the life!  Well, Sex and the City is a good tv show, but when it comes down to it, Carrie’s just shoving it in our faces that, yes, real life love kinda sucks.

When you read between the lines, here’s what you get:

Cheaters always cheat
If Mr. Big can cheat on the first Mrs. Big, he can just as easily cheat on the next.

He’s probably not into you
In real life, if he doesn’t call, it’s usually not because he’s leading you toward a romantic surprise.  Although we all wish it were.

On again off again relationships don’t work
Years of back and forth, yes-no-maybe-ing is more of an emotional hurricane than a romantic rollercoaster, unlikely to end in a white horse galloping off into the distance.

Lying to your friends is a bigger crime than lying to your man
Friends are forever, boys are whatever.  Lie to your boyfriend and the worst that can happen is he dumps you a few days earlier than planned.  Lie to your girlfriends, you’re sent to a hell-like social exile.

There are men everywhere
Don’t sweat the small stuff, you know what I'm saying?  There are bigger fish in the sea, lots of bigger fish!

The tragedies of real relationships are fun to watch on the big screen, played out by fabulous women in luxurious furs and skyscraper heels.  But don’t be fooled, it’s a good drama and not a drama you should wish upon yourself.  We can learn from Carrie and all of her Louboutin-strutting ways, but you know what? Single is good.  Single is okay, and single is drama free.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Shabby Chic at its finest.

And groomsmen at their finest too.

Mireia and Andrew's wedding marks the first wedding I've ever been to without actually being in the wedding party.  And I have to admit, I cried.  A lot.  It didn't help that I was sitting beside my mother who was practically a human water fountain before the ceremony even began - what a suck!  

But up until today, I didn't like the idea of getting married.  I don't know very many people in my life who are in a successful relationship/marriage/whatever so I guess I've been a little turned off of the whole thing.  But seeing Mireia and Andrew today and the genuine love exuded not only by them, but by everybody - family and friends - in attendance, inspired me.  I hope all of those in attendance felt inspired by what we all got to experience today, because I think it was something very very special.

Here are some photos from around the wedding:

Home-made strawberry raspberry jam favours, courtesy of me and Mama Powell.

Charlie boy


Trevor & Andrew, stars of the evening...aka bartenders.


Thursday, 17 September 2015


It's a Girls' Party

Designer: Erin Fetherston
San Francisco, California
Graduate of Parsons the New School for Design

     There isn't anything quite as captivating as a performance art piece, which is exactly what I view a runway show to be.  It's a performance, and it's art, in so many different ways that poke and prod at all the senses.  Think of it broken down like this:
     You've got the venue; a deliberate selection based on architecture and spatial art
     You've got the clothing; a deliberate curation of fashion design
     You've got the interior atmosphere; a deliberate organization of furniture and props
     You've got the hair and makeup; all deliberate actions to express a particular aesthetic
     You've got the music; chosen and sequenced to create a tone
     and you've got the models, who walk, pose, and gesture in a manner indicative of said tone.
     All facets of a runway show, separate and pieced together, qualify as art; it is not simply the outfit on the model that determines the success of a show.  Every detail matters, which is why Erin Fetherston's eponymous label pulled off such a successful showing at New York Fashion Week S/S 2016.
     In one phrase, contemporary rétrograde.  To translate that into lamen terms, let me paint an image for you...imagine this:

You're nine years old again and life is carefree.
It's 1979.
You've just bicycled home from school with your friend, Sue-Ellen, and you drop your school bag at the front door before running into the kitchen.
Mother's in the kitchen, wearing a pastel mid-length dress that matches the wallpaper.  The appliances are pastel too.
She's baking; pies it looks like.  But she looks over her shoulder and smiles at you when she hears the metal chair scratching along the linoleum.
Wiping flour-dusted hands on her apron, Mother plucks an LP out of the wooden rack on top of the refrigerator and places it on record player.  It begins to scratch away; some women chirping about their no good husbands who they're better off without anyway.
You're sitting at the kitchen table in a pleasureful daze, until Mother sweeps you up into the flower power folds of her dress and you both fly dancing around the room.

     That is Erin Fetherston S/S '16, which I've appointed the unofficial title, "It's a Girls' Party" because of its vivacious femininity; equal parts the fragile lady and the bold woman, the retro and the contemporary.  

     Erin Fetherston designs have always been known as feminine, romantic, and whimsical, but this collection is not merely an update version of what's been seen before.  There is a stark contrast between last year's S/S and what we're seeing this year in particular.  Where S/S 2015 was rooted in blacks and whites as bases for pattern, S/S 2016 wholly embodies colour and pattern - floral print specifically - as the essence of the collection.

     Besides the more vibrant hues presented, Fetherston contributes to the light and airy mood by incorporating perforated, translucent, and lace fabrics into her textile portfolio.  Again, maintaining romantic femininity through fine floral detailing.

     What a print publication will show you are the hair scarves, the knee-length hems, and the dainty necklines.  Anybody with eyes can just see the retro oozing from the catwalk.  However, what print doesn't convey are the pieces of the show that do not transcend the paper or the computer screen.  In other words,

  • the music - reminiscent of The Supremes; something that makes you want to go out and buy an old karaoke machine.  
  • the tempo - fast-paced music matched by fast-paced models, strutting with speed and bopping to the tunes (ironically serious faces intact).

     If you haven't watched the show in full, NYFW Live is hosting a replay link here.  It's about 10 minutes start to finish and if you're remotely creative in any sense, there's something in there for you to appreciate.  

     Although Erin Fetherston is a relative rookie, having only been on the scene for the past decade - since the 2005 Paris Haute Couture shows - she's quippy with her interpretations of modern and historic style.  What was once blassé and passé, Erin Fetherston has reimagined into the contemporary chic woman.

Autumn Haul

Monday, 14 September 2015

Hello there ladies and gents.  I went shopping.  Yes, real shopping, in a real mall, surrounded by living humans.  It was epic.  First trip to the mall in a long time, I must say, and it was extremely gratifying.

The notebook was delivered to my house from the UK; I did not happen upon it at the local shop.  If you would like to order your own custom content planner, click here.

+ a high cut sports bra from VS PINK

+ another

+ some more sports bras

VS PINK track suit for days when I should be studying but actually binge watch Netflix instead.

Groovy, baby.

Staying Positive

Thursday, 10 September 2015

After a particularly stressful day it can be so hard to remind yourself to be positive. If you ever find yourself zapped of energy and feeling particularly negative, there are some things you can do to cheer yourself up. Being happy isn’t about quitting negativity cold turkey. Avoiding negativity altogether is impossible, but there are tons of tiny ways to bring a positive outlook back into focus.  Here are 12 ways to help you stay positive!

1. Get rid of the sappy music

John Mayer is a great singer, I know.  But if you want to be cheery, I’d suggest going for something a little more upbeat Anything that makes you want to dance will do the trick, why not try doing a little dance to get your groove back!

2. Let there be light

Open the blinds, open the windows even!  Fresh air and natural light will flood the room with optimism.  Cheesy but true.

3. Get it done

Creating a to-do list of things you don’t want to do will only bring worry and stress.  So, instead of leaving the worst to last, get them over with first.  You have to do it all anyways; start with the tasks that bother you and then you’ll be free to enjoy the rest of the day!

4. Keep busy

Boredom fosters worry.  Even if you have to get out and run errands, buying groceries is thought-consuming and will prevent your mind from wandering to negativity.

5. Will power

Train your brain to think positively.  It’s tricky and takes persistent practice.  But when you see an opportunity for negativity, use that as a chance to focus on creating positive vibes.

6. Call a friend

A problem shared is a problem halved.  Even if your friends can’t solve your problems for you, there is a sense of relief in verbalizing your worries.  Talking can be therapy.

7. Exercise

The scientific studies surrounding exercise and mental well-being are infinite.  Go for a jog, play do some yoga, or join a gym.  Any sort of movement can lift your spirits!

8. Sleep

When we don’t get sufficient sleep, we start to lose focus and lack basic performance skills we usually have.  Not only that, but we are entirely concerned about the fact that we didn’t get enough sleep, which takes our thoughts away from the moment.  Have a nap!

9. Get a hobby

Find something you want to learn how to do or something you loved doing when you were young.  Having a hobby in your back pocket will give you something to look forward to even when you’ve had a tough day.

10. Think before you speak

So many times, we regret things we’ve said that just ‘slipped out’.  Oftentimes, our words can take on a snowball effect and have worsening repercussions.  If you simply take one breath to replay your thoughts over in your mind, you might stop yourself from saying something that could be detrimental later on.

11. Budget

Although we all hate it, finances can be a major source of negativity.  Don’t let yourself get into a bad place because the numbers don’t balance.  Plan ahead and work it all out, you might even have a little extra cash to treat yourself!

12. Get dressed

What you wear says a lot about how you think of yourself.  Wear what suits you, not what’s trendy.  Wear what makes you feel good.  Wear something that exudes confidence.  If you can’t look in the mirror and smile at your own fabulousness, it’s not the right outfit.

My Quay

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

They're all the rage, and I've finally jumped on the bandwagon.  With Quay.

This is not a sponsored post, I just want to show off my new sunnies, so yeah.
They're called FLEUR and they make me feel rad.

Tag me on Instagram or Twitter @boldbeautifulblog and use the hashtag #boldbeautifulblog to share your Quay Australia looks with me.

Science of Napping

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Napping has been a much debated topic in the business world for quite some time now. Tony Schwartz from The New York Times sums it up nicely:

“As athletes understand especially well, the greater the performance demand, the greater the need for renewal. When we’re under pressure, however, most of us experience the opposite impulse: to push harder rather than rest.”

Napping at the office could be a solution.

The movie, The Internship, which came out a couple years ago, takes an inside look at what major corporations like Google and Apple have at headquarters, including sleep pods.  It’s fair to say that most career girls would be happy to grab a little extra shut eye during the day, but what are the facts to back it up? If you’re in need of some justification, check out the following research compiled from Harvard, Fortune, and The New York Times.

1. Power naps replenish alertness.

If you find yourself staring at the screen and losing all sense of space and time, a power nap will help you come back to your tasks with a renewed sense of focus.

2. Caffeine-induced energy results in an exhaustion drop off.

Energy from napping will be prolonged and more level. When you drink a caffeine filled drink you feel an energy crash, or might even have withdrawal symptoms in the form of headaches, with a nap you can keep your energy levels steady for the whole day.

3. Napping allows you to shut off all your senses for 30 minutes.

It’s not just your brain and your eyes that need to rest.  Sitting at a desk with your eyes closed is not as effective as taking a nap because you’re still processing noises and conversations around you, still worrying, still planning.  You won’t be able to forget your surroundings entirely unless you nap.

4. Nappers will spend less time thinking about how tired they are and more time working.

Pretty straight forward.  When we’re tired, we count the hours, the minutes, then start watching the hands of the clock as they tick each second away.  If you had just grabbed 20-minutes of shut eye at lunch, you could be focusing on your assignments and not on going home and getting into bed.

5. Shutting off will clear your thoughts.

If something is bothering you or worrying you, you probably won’t be able to function at your best.  When you’re asleep, however, all these thoughts disappear.  You can wake up after half an hour as if it’s an entirely new day. Often the best remedy for worries and stresses is to ‘sleep on it’, there’s a reason for that!

6. Nappers are more satisfied with the quality of work they’re putting out.

If you’re more alert and less stressed, as proven above, your work output should, in turn, be much better.  If you like the work you see, you’ll keep producing better work.  It’s an upward cycle from there!

7. Nappers maintain a proper sleep schedule.

They won’t fall asleep at early hours of the evening, only to wake up in the early hours of morning.  They will get their recommended sleep throughout the evening and be able to follow their daily routine without being interrupted by exhaustion.

8. People who nap have more respect for those around them.

If you are able to take a nap, either at work or elsewhere, you will be more likely to respect people around you, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and with a new outlook on any problems.  If your boss suddenly allows you to take power naps between 2 and 3pm, you’ll be grateful in return.  And as a result, the relationship between you two will improve.  And as a result of that, you should feel more inclined to produce better work and please your boss.

What are your thoughts on napping?  Would you ever be able to have a nap at work? 

The Coveted Collection: Second Edition

Friday, 4 September 2015


I like the sound of "autumn" a lot better than "fall".  Fall is a verb describing my frequently spastic behaviour; it's not a season.

So this autumn, I am coveting...

(click on the photographs to be redirected to their online shopping platforms) 

this super funky boho wireless speaker
from Free People

the rusty check plaid flannel
from Free People

this silver chain metal watch
from Larsson & Jennings

100 stories begin journal
from Anthropologie

the Brigham bunny
from Anthropologie

these cute frilly ankle socks 
from Free People

this lips of gold mug 
from Chapters

What are you dreaming of this season?

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