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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hermione might end up with Harry after all, despite how J.K. Rowling concluded her bestselling series.  This Harry, however; has no scars or geeky glasses.  

Unless you have been living under a rock, I hope you can rejoice with me in the potentially blessed relationship between social British royal and legitimate British royal, Emma Watson and Prince Harry.

Watch out Beyonce and Jay Z.  The power couple title is about to be snatched up.  

Even if the rumours aren't true, the public's response to this piece of gossip might just convince Emma and Harry to give it a go anyways.  The Twitterverse has exploded, news sites and frantically spitting out speculative articles, and girls all over the world are feeling some typa' way.

Love for Emma.
Love for Harry.

Love for the hope that a couple even more magnificent than Wills and Kate might be in the making.

But there's that feeling.  Ugh.  Harry - taken.  
Am I the only one who has been fuelled by the fact that Harry remains single?
Perhaps our dreams of being the next princess are over.  But at least we were trumped by none other that Emma Watson herself.  

Such a drama queen I am.  HA!     

xo B

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