Galliano's Golden Age Revival

Thursday, 12 February 2015

     Runway shows from the archives are, without a doubt, equally as relevant today to the fashion industry and the whole of society as they were ten - even fifty - years ago.  

     Jazz, drinks, and dance: the markers of an obnoxiously roaring era when women wore their husbands’ wallets on their sleeves and ruled the city in the name of indulgence.  It seemed as though their wardrobes had died as well - until now.

     After nearly a century underground, the likes of Daisy Buchanan have resurfaced on Galliano’s Winter 03/04 runway.  From the staccato jazz music to the glamorous makeup to the retro silhouettes commanding the catwalk, Galliano’s new collection transports us to a speakeasy alternate universe.  

     The outfits ooze Gatsby-inspired opulence in sexy sets that are form-fitting yet conservative.  The hats and headpieces capture extravagance of the highest calibre; worthy of a royal appearance.  Minuscule hand bags swing with each strut in the true fashion of the accessory’s namesake.  


     These luxuries are simply not practical to the modern woman and it is for that reason precisely that they incite a nostalgia for years past when photographs could only be developed in varying shades of sepia and boys tacked pin-ups of Marilyn Monroe above their beds.

     Still, Galliano’s work of art does not stop there.  If you thought that the bright red lips, the myriad of colours, and the lavish accessories were enough of a statement, you underestimated the collection.

     A flourish of mid-length skirts, should pads, and accentuated d├ęcolletage embellishments take this runway to a whole new level of fun.  

     Galliano’s winter runway is femininity at its finest.  He celebrates all sorts of iconic retro styles with a new, outrageous spin that breathes life back into a once dormant era of fashion.  

xo B

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