Through the Lens VIII

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


We are Five Days North comprising of Darryl, Sam, David, Lewis and Zo

Year of Birth: We are all 21 apart from the bassist, he’s a baby that just turned 19

Where are you currently living?

We live in different parts of England and Wales. The drummer (Zo) is from India but lives in London

What kind of creative work are you most interested in making?

We are full time university students at the University of Manchester. Darryl is doing his 4th year in Chemistry, Sam and Dave are 4th and 3rd year medics, Lewis is studying Music and Zo is doing maths. All geeky yet sexy - it’s a curse really.

What elements of your life inspired you to pursue your creativity?  Was there a turning point or an event that made you want to become something?

The band has evolved over 3 years to find the 5 guys we have now. Sam and Dave met in their first year at University and formed a band in their halls of residence. Darryl was also a resident at the halls and when the first lineup change occurred, he was recruited to become the new singer. Zo was found this year following the departure of our previous drummer and Lewis similarly when the old bassist left.

Each has their own story of how the love of music began. For Sam and Dave it was previous experiences of being in bands and wanting to give it another go, while for the others it was about always wanting to be in a band and just waiting for the right opportunity to do it with like-minded people.
It may have taken 3 years to find the right team but we believe that now we have the right combination to make this a great year.

How do you meet and collaborate with like-minded people?

In terms of music it could be anything - just hanging around with your local music scene usually leads you to meeting people. At Uni, it is much easier because everybody is trying out new extra curricular activities so at some party or event, you are bound to run into musicians. Some of the people we work with connect us to other musicians and we collaborate. Promoters and event managers usually introduce new bands to each other and some of our friends also have bands so we just jam with them.

How do you think the internet and social media can benefit creatives like you?

Benefit is an understatement - the world is mobile and everything runs on your palm. Not using social media to spread creativity is not exactly the best idea anymore. We managed to reach out to people through Twitter (especially you Brit) and spread the art. Even though we are a small yet growing unsigned band, our first single hit 2000 SoundCloud hits in less than a month and half. The internet has revolutionised spreading art of any kind.

Thoughts on social media and anonymity?

It is a bit of a grey area.  Social media has transformed the way we communicate with one another and it is now so easy to connect to people all over the world. Obviously the system can be open to abuse with fake accounts and trolling but generally speaking, it is a good thing.

Website? Social Media?

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