Summer Lush Haul

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Aloha!  Happy July!

{PS it's Canada Day today - Go Canada}

In celebration of this glorious summer day, I have purchased some products with which I will pamper myself.  Yippee me.  And so far, I have to report that I am in love.

Colour Supplement Cream in the colour, Jackie Oates...I'm as pale as oats apparently.

The great thing about this product is its diversity.  Use it as concealer, mix it with your favourite moisturizer to create a BB cream, or rub it in all over your face as a full coverage foundation.  The cream is so light and feels great on.  I want to say that it's moist, but everyone always laughs when I say moist.

Shimmy Shimmy Solid Body Tint

On the Lush website, they tell you that you just need to let the bar melt from the warmth of your hands before applying.  Honestly, the shimmer starts to rub off on your skin the moment you pick it up!  Magic!  I'd say this Body Tint bar is slightly less convenient than powdered highlighter but it looks more natural.

The Godmother Soap Gem

This came as a surprise since I hadn't ordered it.  And if I hadn't known that Lush was a cosmetics store, I would have assumed it was a piece of candy and eaten it.  I smells exactly like a red Jolly Rancher!  Definitely going to try this tomorrow morning.

Big Solid Conditioner Bar

I bought this because I bought the Big Sea Salt Shampoo and figured I should have a conditioner to go with it.  Never tried conditioner in solid form so this should be interesting.

Big Sea Salt Shampoo

Looks reminiscent of old cottage cheese gone bad but I'm sure it's good for your hair.  Smells salty and citrusy and promises to produce some major volume.  Whoopee!

Angels on Bare Skin

Almond, chamomile, and various floral extracts make for a perfect complexion.  Unfortunately I have to point out, as I'm sure you've noticed, it looks like something you might smoke, but I assure you it is face wash only.  {insert angel emoticon here}
I am hoping that this rough scrub will scrape all the grossness off my skin asap.

It has been very muggy and humid here lately and it's not making my skin very happy.  Amping up my daily care routine with these lovely products should definitely put me back on track!

Happy July!



  1. These sound really nice, I must pop into lush sometime! x

    1. Hey Bryony - definitely try them! I am going back asap to buy more LOL xx


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