French Summers

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

La FĂȘte nationale: Le quatorze juillet

Happy Bastille Day to all of my French friends out there

     I remember when I was younger, my family spent a couple summers in the south of France, eating cheese and drinking wine until it came out of our ears (me not so much on the wine front at that age).
     My dad would head to the local market in town every morning while we were all still fast asleep.  I'd shuffle downstairs for breakfast to be engulfed in the smell of freshly baked baguettes and loaves, powdery and warm from the oven.  Crispy red apples and tomatoes in bunches on the wooden butcher's block; wax packages of Brie and Gouda and Swiss beneath a wire dome to keep out the hungry insects.


     These days were the epitome of bliss.  Full tummies, hot sun on your back, cool relief from the pool as you dangle your feet in the water.  Ahhh!

     I was inspired to recreate it all at lunch the other day.

Fresh Strawberry Crostinis

- strawberries, sliced
-fresh baguette
-roasted pine nuts
-herbed brie cheese
-dried basil

1. Toast baguette slices in the oven until slightly crispy and springy to touch
***You can roast the pine nuts on the same tray at the same time***

2. Take out of the oven and add slices of brie

3. Top with strawberry slices

4. Put crostinis back in the oven until brie starts to melt

5. Remove and leave on a cooling rack until cheese has cooled slightly

6. Sprinkle with pine nuts and dried basil

***Drizzle with EVOO and/or balsamic to taste***


What is your favourite lunchtime treat?


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