Shops, Shops, and More Shops, Oh My!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Walking through an old town is just so much fun.  Window-shopping is the best part of course: shopping without actually opening your wallet.  I did splurge on a few lovely hats though!

Here are some photographs I took from one of Canada's iconic villages.

The most lovely jams and preserves so close to home.

The Prince of Wales Hotel - so gorgeous and regal!


  1. Such cute shops, and lovely photo's too! x

  2. I am OBSESSED! With your blog! It is so beautiful and I love your header.

    1. Thanks Olive! Feel free to email me - I'd be happy to do some work for yours (you can check out my services page if you want).

      So nice to get lovely feedback :)


  3. Wish I could walk through my high street and see a white horse and carriage and a jam shop! Looks absolutely beautiful & super regal too (agreed)


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