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Monday, 4 May 2015

     Be it a blog, a website, or a database, internet resources these days must compete for their audiences by capitalizing on unique content and interactivity.  Where bloggers might focus on using multimedia to promote their own online social identities, business, brands, and databases are more likely to employ interactive media to ensure their audiences retain as much information as possible about the product or service.

     One particular brand that has made a huge impact in multimedia integration as of late is Molson and its Coors Beer "Young Empires" campaign.  Toronto-based design studio, Tendril, who put together the campaign's interactive media site, has published a collection of behind-the-scenes images on its company Behance page.  You can check out the full project overview in Tendril's portfolio by clicking here.

     The amount of resources and digital labour that went into this website is apparent in the outcome.  Here is the main video that was produced for the campaign, but it is structured much differently on the website to ensure that viewers are engaged from start to finish.  The entire interactive experience can be found here at


     After going through all of the fabulous media that Coors has provided, of course my first thought is, I wish I could do that!  But a quick glance at the behind-the-scenes images confirms that I have neither the man-power nor the green screen capabilities that are required for such a project. 
     That being said, Coors' Young Empires campaign is extremely effective, and even though I don't have access to those resources, I am still able to take away general concepts and strategies to apply to my own work.  I will most definitely try to use what I've learned to make my blog more fun for everyone who visits!

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