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Friday, 22 May 2015

Mackenzie Connor

Year of Birth: 1995

Where are you residing or going to school?

I’m currently attending Syracuse University for Film Production.

What kind of creative work are you most interested in making?

I love to make documentary and narrative short films. I’ve learned that creating movies takes
time and patience, some more than others. In the meantime, I enjoy taking photographs of just
about anything. I find that it keeps me on my feet; thinking about how to capture something in the
most interesting way.

What elements of your life inspired you to pursue your creativity?

There’s a lot of pressure to become successful and creating art doesn’t necessarily guarantee
that. I believe that you should pursue something that you’re motivated to do. If creating art
doesn’t guarantee success, prove people wrong and make something great; at least you’ll enjoy
doing it!

I was introduced to film at a young age. I was influenced by my older brother and friends of his
who made films of them skateboarding. Their ability to capture moments and memories and
compile them into video was something that inspired me to get out there and make my own
videos. Since attending Syracuse University, I've expanded my knowledge about film and
photography. Having been surrounded by art students constantly, I’ve definitely become more
confident in allowing myself to explore different types of genres and art.

Do you have an artistic intention, focus, or message that you try to convey?

Something that I focus on while creating ideas for films is a person’s reality tunnel. A reality
tunnel is the way a person may perceive the world... their decisions are influenced on their
previous experiences. A person’s reality tunnel may or may not be obvious. I often use the idea
of the reality tunnel while coming up with characters and their motivations during a story.

This piece explains an aspect of my creativity which I talked about previously. It's also important to me because it was for a course I took to expand skills, expression through different mediums, and overall appreciation for different types of art.

I had little experience going into the course but I learned a lot about the craftsmanship of working with wood and metal. The course helped me with my confidence in producing art and exploring untouched regions.

How do you meet and collaborate with like-minded people?

It’s interesting working with other people and it's always a learning experience, whether you’re learning about their personality, style, decisions, the craft itself, or if you’d pursue working with them again or not. Working with someone else will always expand the way you think about things.

How do you think the Internet and social media can benefit creatives like you?

I believe that the Internet and social media can allow us to reach a bigger audience. This may
be helpful in the process of my filmmaking if I’m looking for cast and crew members. There are
model agencies that have been helpful in my search for actors. These agencies are great for
connecting you with people that you otherwise may have trouble finding. The Internet is also a great
tool for sharing. People from all around the world can view your work and follow your social
media profiles.

Do you think the Internet has improved your ability to connect with other artists?  Explain.

Absolutely. I’ve been able to search up many different artists and learn about their work.
Connecting with artists allows you to view and share work, inspiring others as well as yourself.
Over the summer, I met a photographer at a festival in Montréal whom I remain connected with
via the Internet and social media platforms.

Thoughts on social media and anonymity?

Just another social media platform that I have to download and follow. I’ve disconnected myself
from apps such as Yik Yak as there’s more important things in life than reading anonymous
posts. In regards to posting art online and receiving feedback anonymously; take it with a grain
of salt. Posts can vary and credibility is unknown. I’ve learned a lot about my work and the way
people perceive it through face-to-face critiques.

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