The Power of Makeup

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

     Have you ever got ready for a special occasion, looked in the mirror, and felt like a better person?
     I know I have.  And as vain as this thought might sound, it's probably safe to say that tons of people - men and women - think that way.
     As a girl, there's something invigorating about putting makeup on and doing your hair.  Yes, you look in the mirror and see someone prettier than the girl you woke up as, but it's not just about being pretty.  Makeup is so much more than that.

     I'm a girl with a passion for makeup, and the typical insecurity issues.  I've reflected long and hard about the reasons why I love makeup and if this interest of mine really works with my personal belief system.  
    What I mean by that is that on the surface, the field of makeup artistry seems quite superficial, which is definitely not in line with my character or personal values at all.  However, I dug a little deeper, wondering to myself, "I know that putting makeup on makes me look prettier, but what is it about that that is so important to me?"  
     The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is how makeup makes you feel!  
     Makeup, if applied correctly, has the power to draw the beauty out from within.  A beautiful person may then realize her own true potential in her reflection.  From a place of beauty, you will live with confidence, greater potential, and bolder actions.  This feeling, that anything is possible, is what I strive for.  Through makeup, my goal is to help others see their true beauty and empower them to live in reality the large dreams that have till now been held within!  It only takes a little bit of magic to show you all that you are capable of.

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