Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Everyone has an idol, or a bunch of people they look up to, like celebrities or important people in their lives.  All of them are role models in a sense, but I guess with celebrities, the admiration is taken to another level.

There's been two pieces of media lately that have caused me to think a lot about idolization.  The first is Gabrielle Bernstein's novel, Spirit Junkie, in which Gabrielle talks about how everyone is equal and that by idolizing other people, you are missing out on the chance to better yourself.  I think this is a really important insight that I've used since reading the book to help me put my jealousies and desires back into perspective.  Sometimes, we all wish we were somebody else; someone who looks like they 'have it all going on'.  And sometimes, we wish soooo much for what isn't ours, that yes, that time has been spent dwelling as opposed to living in action.  When I feel myself getting overwhelmed with anxiety, thinking "She is so perfect - why can't I just be like that?  Couldn't I have that too?  What's wrong with me?" I force myself to remember Gabrielle's perspective.  I come out of it believing that my idol and I are really just two ordinary people whose assets are simply not the same, but that each of us is admirable in our own way.

On the other hand, famous YouTuber - Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) -, recently posted a video about YouTube culture.  He briefly touches upon the same concept in his talk, but takes a slightly opposing view instead.  Alfie says that idolization is okay and totally understandable but that the definition of idolization should be refined.  Rather than idolize a person, you should idolize a person's habits or actions or character.  Why can't we recognize admirable qualities in other people and aspire to do the same?

A simple change of perspective, from jealousy to inspiration, can make a world of difference.
Just a little food for thought for you guys today!  I find this topic really provocative and I hope it gets your gears turning too.  :)

What do you think?

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  1. I haven't watched Alfie's video about that, sounds really good (I like Zoella, that's how I know him haha). I've thought about this before, people always seem to put celebrities on a pedestal and don't stop to think for a moment that those people are human beings as well, the media just loves to make them seem perfect when they aren't, people need to start seeing that.
    Thank you for sharing this! :) I love reading about topics like this one.

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