My Favourite Things of 2015

Monday, 4 January 2016

Short but sweet, the things that made me tick this year.  How bout we do 15, eh?
(in no particular order of excitement)

1.  Outlander

2. The Burberry Scarf Bar

3. MAC Cosmetics Deep Love lipstick

4. Urban Decay Flushed compact highlight, contour, and blush

5. Chapters Indigo candles...all the candles

6. Apple

7. Etsy

8. How to Get Away With Murder

9. Sam Heughan.  Just. Sam. Heughan.

10. Adele 25

11. Butterfinger Cups... Reese and Butterfinger make great children.

12. Justin Bieber's comeback

13. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

14. UCONN WBB takes the trophy

15. Prince Harry has yet to be wed!

What will you remember from 2015?

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