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Monday, 3 August 2015

     If you’re 20 or older, you’ll remember the Oprah show coming on at 4pm every weekday.  It was the highlight of my after-school homework regime.  Get off the bus, in the house, unpack backpack, turn the TV on, find the Oprah channel, sit down at the kitchen counter, do homework while watching Oprah.  Obviously, watching Oprah took priority over homework but I did my best to seem thoroughly engrossed in Algebra 1.

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Now that Oprah isn’t on the air, I am severely lacking my daily intake of wisdom.  Ms. Winfrey is a legend and has much to teach everybody, no matter what age or gender or race or size.  Her words transcend all demographics and stereotypes and her life lessons are timeless.

     Here is some of her best advice:

1. Reduce your negativity output.  Whatever or whomever you are sending negativity towards, it will always have an effect on you as well.  Don’t drag yourself down with bad thoughts; there are enough people in the world trying to bring you down already.

2. Respect money.  Know the value of a dollar, the value of work, and what it means to be a part of the economy.  When you become careless or unaware, your wallet can become empty before you even know it.

3. Work.  Success - in whatever form that takes for you - is a process.  And it’s a process with ups and downs.  Having dreams is always beneficial for goal-setting, but waiting around for 11:11 to make a wish is the wrong way to go about making a life for yourself.  Work, work, work for what you want and what you deserve.

4. Follow your heart - your heart - not others’.  The life you’ve been given is for you to live the way you want.  I’m not telling you to go out there are rebel against everything you’ve been asked to do by other people.  That would be rude.  All I’m saying is, if you see your life going in a direction that’s not aligned with your ultimate goals or with who you are inside, re-evaluate and make a list of things you can do to put your life where you want it.

5. Slow down.  "Slow down, because the only moment we can really live is now. Being in the present moment, if you can learn to do that, begins to change your whole life. Just staying focused on what is happening now . . . When we're truly present, we recognize that the ordinary moments are life's greatest gifts.”

Trying to collect all of Oprah’s life lessons into one place is probably impossible.  She is an amazing woman with more experience than I could ever hope to acquire.  We can’t all be Oprah Winfreys, but we can take little steps to be better people just by acting on some of her words.

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