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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Every time I start writing a post, I just feeling like saying ALOHA SPRINKLERINOS! but of course I'm not that snazzy.

Snaps to Louise.

Well, today was a big day for me and I want to tell you all about it ~ please forgive me for being excited!  I'd love to hear your rants and raves as well if you ever get the urge to share :)

So the big news is that four of my paintings went up for sale this afternoon!  It's crazy; insanity.  I had to decide what I thought would be a good price, which was really really tough because I paint for fun, so I never imagined of making any profit whatsoever.  The fact that I could potentially make even ten cents from my work is an incredible sensation!  It's honestly so weird and amazing and humbling at the same time.

Today is definitely a milestone that I have to write down somewhere.  I noticed that for the first time, people asked me about my work and told me it was good because they were genuinely interested.  Strangers even!  It's so not the same as my mom telling me she thinks its good.

These photos are from my snapchat account and my instragram; feel free to checkout the links to my social media on the homepage!  I'll be posting more photos as they come.

Love you and live good.

xo B

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