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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kitty and Nathan

Year of Birth: 1990

Where are you currently living?

London, UK

What kind of work do you do?

Sadly our blog isn't our work so we spend the weeks in our jobs. Nathan works for an IT firm developing and coding websites and Kitty works as a freelance lifestyle and portrait photographer. When it comes to the blog, we will take the camera on one of our "adventures" taking it in turns to snap as we wander, then we'll sit down and write something to accompany it once we're happy with the photographs. It's a joint effort which flows well, we never find ourselves stuck as the other one will be able to help out and vice versa.

Tell me about your website?  Is it your only creative outlet?

Searching for Tomorrow used to be Kitty's creative space to post her fashion shoots, but she recently moved away from the fashion industry; and as we were both spending more time out in nature, she decided it should turn into somewhere we could both post and share our little explorations instead. So it has slowly grown in a different direction and turned more into an online diary for the both of us that we feel a lot happier with. For now, it is our only creative outlet.

What elements of your life inspired you to pursue your creativity?  Was there a turning point or an event that made you want to become something?

There wasn't ever a stage where one or both of us suddenly made that decision and decided to pursue photography, it's kind of just been a natural flow which has brought us to today. We've always been art geeks and actually met on DeviantART when we were 16; it was a bustling community for people at the time to share their art, gain feedback and try to polish skills as well as make friends from around the World.

This was just a really happy day and the memories behind this photograph make us smile. It was a bitterly cold winter's day and we live near a park where herds of deer roam wildly so we decided to give them a visit. This red stag was really curious and came right up to us to pose. He seemed enchanted with the camera and even nuzzled our arms for a head scratch. We shoot with only prime lenses which means we have no zoom whatsoever, so everything is ever shot as close as it really was. This guy gave us a real treat by coming so close for those few minutes and so the photos that day felt like a huge stroke of luck and chance.

How do you meet and collaborate with like-minded people?

Usually it's after a chain of friendly emails back and forth, it's always really exciting to bring a relationship out of the virtual stage and into "real life." It's always wonderful to collaborate with someone whose work you've felt a connection with. Everyone works so differently and they end up teaching you a lot and you probably end up making them think slightly differently too!

How do you think the internet and social media can benefit creatives like you?

It makes the World smaller. People's work is now accessible to anyone out there and you can connect with people from anywhere. Clients who may have otherwise never seen your work can stumble upon you, you can sell pieces to people in countries you've only ever read about and you can make lifelong friendships with fellow creatives.

Do you think the internet has improved your ability to connect with other artists? 

It definitely has. Where it was once down to formal introductions in person, nowadays you can make that introduction yourself despite being continents apart just with a simple, "Hello, your work is amazing!" Any time you want, you have this online world at your fingertips to be able to explore and get lost in. It gives you this new immediate access to people's updates and new work they publish, there are definitely many advantages to all this new technology for artists.

Thoughts on social media and anonymity?

The rise of social media has brought many benefits for creative folk; there are some brilliant platforms to be able to reach out and share your stories with others. It can be a blessing - getting to make friends with people you wouldn't otherwise meet and feeling part of a community. It can also be a curse - some people can feel it's okay to hide beneath the cloak of anonymity for malicious reasons. Social media does take away that face-to-face reality and so sometimes it can be easy to forget that you're actually talking to a real person on the other end. In person we can read a person's face and body language in a conversation, with social media that's all gone and it can make that connection a bit harder to read.

Website? Social Media?

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