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Friday, 17 April 2015


     When considering my online identity, I’ve been asked to take a look at other bloggers’ voices and how they come across through their writing.  As I have mentioned previously, I believe that my communication strategy is to connect and express my ideas in an honest and entertaining way.  Society is so concerned with censoring, modifying, and editing media that I think people are now seeing increasing value in truly genuine voices.  Everybody is focused on establishing a perfect image, but my goal is to tear that down and cross barriers through writing the world exactly as it is.  
     That being said, my research has led me back to a blog and fitness website that echoes the exact model I have in mind for myself.  This website is called A Life Less Bullshit and it is a series of posts chronicling the blogger, Nicole Antoinette’s journey to becoming a marathon runner.  Although her writing pertains most closely to runners or fitness fanatics, her words of wisdom are just that: words of wisdom.  Her writing is down to Earth and insightful, colloquial and comforting.  Each post is really thought-provoking and inspiring and she shares some really deep ideas while keeping the tone of the article slightly comedic through her vocabulary.  Here’s a sample from her blog to prove to you how she jumps through the computer screen:

     It’s been 22 days since I removed email from my iPhone.
     The problem wasn’t email itself (of course), but rather my relationship to it. I would refresh and refresh, all day long. While watching TV, while waiting in line at the grocery store, while working on creative projects – refreshing and refreshing, anxiously reading each message as it came in.
     And let’s be real, it’s not like I was performing life-saving procedures via email. It’s not as if someone wouldn’t be able to continue on with their day if I didn’t respond within an hour. How important do I think I am? Very, if that judgment is being made based on my past email habits.
     The truth is, I knew nothing terrible would happen if I checked email less frequently. It’s not like I was afraid anyone’s world would come crashing down, and it’s not that I was worried about missing out on a million dollar opportunity. Again, how important do I think I am? So it wasn’t really about that.
     It was about two things: being liked, and feeling busy.
    When you live in your inbox, it’s easy to feel special. People want things! They have questions! I can be helpful!
     If I spend an hour diligently answering emails, that means I was productive, right? Right? RIGHT????
     Because as much as I complain about being too busy, and as often as I lament my lack of free time, it’s all bullshit.

     As you have probably guessed, I’ve never met Nicole Anoinette, nor do I have any idea what she looks like, but this passage from a recent post of hers just oozes personality and charisma.  I cannot think of any other blog that demonstrates such a palpable sense of sincerity.  Her ideas are raw and deep and to-the-point.  As I reader, I can truly tell through her writing that Nicole is sharing her stories for the benefit of us all and I admire her for that.  

     If you haven’t yet been to Nicole Antoinette’s website, please do take a gander over by clicking here.  The world needs more writers like her.  

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